Great News-We have finallycompleted all the Day Camp craft samples. Yay!!!  I would like to thank Mikaela, Miguel, Jillian, KC, Donna and Rachelle, who gave up several hours of a sunny Saturday afternoon to support the ministry of Day Camps for summer 2019 by painting, cutting, gluing and drawing (nearly!) all of the Luke Street crafts.
It took a bit longer than we hoped to pull everything together but by working on my own for several afternoons this week I’ve managed to fill in the gaps left after the workshop.
The following photos are divided into 4 categories, reflecting the 4 different areas in the Day Camp Program where crafts are used to reinforce the Theme. If you have access to the Luke Street Manual you can easily match these photos to the relevant instructions. Even if your Day Camp is thousands of kilometres from CTM’s base here in Montreal we hope these photos will help to bring alive this year’s Program and also clarify our instructions for people who are more visually oriented.
Note:- the only Creatove Connection Sample we did not attempt was Connection# 2 “Luke Street Panels” since we now have a limited storage area we couldn’t manage this larger installation. However it is well worth trying if you have the supplies and available space to put it together!
So now with no further ado, here are the crafts…
Main Presentation (Registration time) Crafts

“Thinking of You” Cards


Potpourri Jars
Paint Stick Puppet




Sharpie Cups

Buzz Buttons


Scrambler Devotions Scrapbook

Day 1- The Leader’s House

Day 2- The Rich House

Day 3- The Guest House

Day 4- The Secret House

Day 5- The Country House

Scrambler Afternoon Program (SAP) Craft Activities

Box Village
Flower Garden
Treasure Box & Paperweight

Branch Weaving
Drinking Straw Jewellery
Body Painting

Creative Connection & Alternates Crafts

House Flag

Story Stones

Story Stones Wrapped

Torn Paper Collage

Potato Print Clergy Stole