this post is being composed CTM’s Junior and Senior Youth Camps are wrapping up
in the Eastern Townships, about 2 hours from Montreal.
has been another manic week!!! A large amount of time (much more than I was
really able to spare) having been given to the arrival of the new fridge and
stove, the good news being that THEY FIT!!!!!!

the main focus of the week was preparing about a gazillion things to take with
me on my day trip to the Camps, which happened on Thursday.
usual I had planned elaborate gifts for my Godsons and their parents, agreed to
write 13 prayer letters (!), needed to finalize the 17 Team Evaluations,
assemble materials and samples for one workshop and memorize the choreography
for the other…you get the idea.

 In a
moment of mental aberration I had also blithely agreed to help with the banquet
costumes for my Godsons, the theme this year being “A Night at the Oscars” Victoria
had thought this would be fairly simply and the two older boys could wear their
good dress suits but they had taken a dim view of this idea since they always
get to wear proper costumes for the Camp Banquet. Sigh! So I suggested funky
bowties and cummerbunds. I found a super good tutorial for making little boy
bowties here, but despite trawling through Google for far too long, could not
find a child’s cummerbund and thus had to invent those from photographs.
Needless to say all of this combined with
finalizing details for tomorrow’s All Ages Gathering has made for quite the
    However by Wednesday evening a towering
pile of bags and baskets was waiting in the front hall and Wil was mega-excited
as he saw his special “travel bag” among the objects and knew that an excursion
was about to happen. Nick had even delivered a heavy metal box, a “smoke
machine” needed at JYC for their talent show!!
        Thursday morning dawned hot and sunny and I
was ready and waiting for our ride. Unfortunately the person driving us had a
very short window of time to get us there and so we left the city late and
arrived about one minute before the workshops were due to begin.
Happily a number of SYC Staff and Campers
rushed to my aid and helped carry my equipment down to the craft hut where I
was to lead a workshop for 10 campers on how to make “coded bead jewellery”.
        They were such a great group! Interested
and focused, with no troublemakers (whew!) Wil settled on a towel on the floor
with his travel bowl of water and a carrot and we spent a happy hour crafting.

       As soon as the bell rang I had to pack up
and rush to the Rec Hall to lead a second workshop on Liturgical Dance. Again
the Campers came to my aid, helping pack up the beading supplies and transport
all the paraphernalia across the Camp to the Hall.
    The dance, to be presented this
morning during their Closing Worship Service is U-2’s Yahweh I chose it
because it seemed to embody some of the essence of the Camp Theme “Keeping it
Real”. The hope is to present it again at the September Crossroads Service, a
time of reunion for all the Campers. The new Crossroads Director, Jillian, has
big plans for the coming year and I have agreed to help with Liturgical Dance
so we’re thinking that at least some of the group  I worked with at Camp will
form the core of a Crossroads “Dance Troupe”.
After the second workshop the Campers had another hour of free time
before dinner so I was able to gather all those on site who had been on the
2016 Day Camp Teams and present each of them with their Evaluation Package.
This is always a special moment at Camp and the last time for the season when I
am surrounded by the Team Members.
Wil and I walked up to the staff lounge where I met Victoria and was able to
give her the boys’ “costumes” and also my gift basket. She and I then went for
a walk around the Camp while James (one of the CITs, who is CRAZY about Wil)
happily took him for a walk in the woods!
Timothy had been assigned the task of
driving me back to Montreal, starting with a side trip to JYC to drop off the
smoke machine and some other items, so soon we settled 2 of the little boys in
the van, packed up my bags and baskets (a lightened load for the return trip!),
and popped Wil in the back.
Baby Andrew was highly entertained on the
first leg of the journey, chortling with glee and calling out “woof woof” every
time Wil sat up in the back!
JYC I hurried down to the main lodge as Timothy and co. waited in the van, both
boys having fallen asleep by this time. So I just had a quick moment to greet a
number of Campers and Staff and then jumped back in the van for the long trip

All day while driving I had put the time to
good use by working on the hand sewing of William’s Birthday Crown. William
turns 7 this coming Tuesday so the Huyers will take his gift home with them
tomorrow as they will all be sleeping here tonight, along with Gillian (one of
the Day Camp Team Leaders) who has been a counsellor at SYC and is taking the
train home to Ontario on Monday morning.

Unfortunately I was unable to take any
photos at Camp since I was not sure if  we had parental permission but do
have a look at the SYC Site, here is the Camp Livingstone link. And here is the
link for Cedar Lodge, where we hold JYC.
Since this seems to have turned into a VERY
long post and since I am about to dash off to the Service of Dedication at the
new building of First Filipino Baptist Church, I had better close off with a

evening some dear friends joined me for dinner, this is an annual tradition
during Camp Week 
as their daughter is a Camper at SYC.

main course was these totally yummy Fajita Bowls and for dessert I made my favourite…
                                                              Banana Lime Soup
3 bananas, sliced
3 cups plain yoghurt
4 Tbsps. limejuice
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
Place all the ingredients on a large bowl
and mix together. Puree in batches in a food processor. Chill well before

Serves 4-6