It is now Easter Monday, and the whirlwind of Holy Week has come and gone. I am very glad that I belong to a liturgical tradition in which the Easter Season lasts 40 days, instead of all the Alleluias being over in one day!
     I was reflecting on how shallow Easter must be for people who only see it as a day to sleep in and then gorge on chocolate. Everything eaten by the end of the day and nothing left but a queasy stomach, yuck!
      Not that I do not like chocolate, and the recent news has been full of how HEALTHY it is to eat dark chocolate (in moderation, of course!) but Easter is just so much more than a candy fix.
           However, tomorrow will be back to the usual schedule and my mind must needs turn from esoteric musings on the Resurrection to badgering those who have STILL not RSVP’d about the Team Gathering, to setting an agenda for our next Committee meeting ,to redoubling efforts to recruit Team members and host Churches, to seeing the Program Manual completed, to doing an inventory of supplies. AGH!!!!! so much still to accomplish. I’m sure glad I’m not in this alone.
         We have been approached to do a French Language Day Camp in Sorel (a community at the extreme Eastern end of our Diocese) and I am delighted that the location of our third Training Parish has been settled ( First Filipino Baptist), but there are still many gaps in our Schedule, and we are most certainly in need of approx. 10 more Team members, but much progress has been made, and there is a lot to be thankful for.
         So, just for today, I shall turn my attention to household tasks such as stripping the carcass of the Easter Roast Chicken! unpicking lace from the train of a wedding dress to applique onto a Christening gown I have been commissioned to make, embroidering a fish on a baby carrier  etc. etc. etc.

        I did finish knitting the interminable merino cardigan for Alice (age 2) and have embarked on a pullover (in more stripes!) as a gift for my friend Pippa’s baby, due in June.

        Well, off to slice the rest of last night’s dessert so I can wrap and freeze it for future consumption.It is (was?) an Ice Cream Bombe, very yummy and pretty. Here is the recipe!


                                          Ice Cream Bombe

A variety of ice creams and/or sorbets, in compatible flavours, approx. 1/2 pint of each.
( eg- I used Strawberry ice cream, Blueberry sorbet and Raspberry ice cream)
1 cup whipping cream
bombe mould or suitable stainless steel bowl
The assembly of the bombe takes several days, but it only takes  few minutes for each step!
1- soften one type of ice cream or sorbet. Using a flexible spatula, build up an even layer, about 1 inch thick, completely lining the mold. Cover the mold and replace in freezer until solid.
2-  Over the next couple of  days, or  at intervals of several hours, repeat step 1, continuing to build up layers of contrasting flavours, until the mold is full. Make sure to keep the top edge smooth and flat as, when the bombe is inverted, this will be the base which needs to sit firmly on your serving dish.
3. To decorate and prepare for serving:- Choose a flat serving plate or platter. Briefly dip the mold in a bowl of hot water, to loosen the ice cream. place the plate on top and quickly flip it over. Place the dish in the freezer to firm up, while you whip the cream.
4. Whip the cream into stiff peaks and place in an icing bag fitted with a large rosette tip.
5. Remove the dish from the freezer and decorate the bombe with a pattern of rosettes.Refreeze.
6. To serve, remove the bombe from the freezer about 15mins. before slicing. Slice, crosswise so the each serving contains a rainbow of colours and flavours!!
Serves 6-8