This post should have been published last Saturday but for the last week I have had not Interest at home so today I decamped over to our Supply room @ Isaiah 40 and am getting a bunch of work done. So here you go, for those of you who missed my weekly update 😊 

Saturday Feb 18th-Septuagesima
      So I know I said I would back off on
weather reports but REALLY!!!! I cannot resist mentioning that is has snowed
everyday this past week (except for yesterday) and that we received a
record-breaking 50+cms. The city is working hard to clear the streets and sidewalks
but, Oh my! the Shovelling!!!!
trouble is that with so much all at once there is literally nowhere left to put
it and all the piles around the house are now way higher than my head, which
means each shovelful of snow has to be thrown about 8 feet into the air.
other nasty piece of news has been that my modem stopped functioning. The WiFi
had been patchy for about a week but sometimes phoneline interruptions are due
to snow so I didn’t think too much about it until Wednesday evening when it
stopped completely. First thing Thursday I called the phone company and when I
finally reached a human being he ran some sort of analysis over the phone and
told me the router needed replacing. It was supposed to be sent by 9pm Thursday
but of course did not come despite my waiting up until 10pm just in case!!!
 So Friday morning I went through the whole kerfuffle of reaching a human being
only to be told that they could do no more for me since the parcel was now with
Canada Post. AGH!!!!!!!!! The agent helpfully suggested I could track the
parcel online, presumably with no Internet?? HA!!
of this to say that much of my Day Camps work has ground to a halt because
virtually everything relies on WiFi.
 Arnee was having trouble with Internet too,
earlier in the week but had sorted it our before my woes began, however I guess
fortunately for me, she is still catching up with Manual Chapters so the fact
that I cannot proofread at present is not an issue.
that I am using an iPhone I do have access to the office email but I’m not sure
what sort of data plan the phone has so I’m hesitant to be doing too much work
that way. All VERY frustrating but the world is just so reliant on technology
these days it becomes so hard to function without it.
 Yesterday I thought I would put my time to
good use and start some Meyer Lemon Marmalade but then remembered that the only
recipe I had seen for it was bookmarked from a blog and thus inaccessible.
ARGH!! So I’m adapting a Lime Marmalade recipe from a book ( old school
method!!) and hoping it will be edible.
other news, I have almost completed the Icelandic Sock marathon only to have
now run out of the main colour yarn. After consulting with the friend for whom
I’m knitting them we have decided I should check out our local knitting store
and see if they have anything remotely similar with which I can complete the
toe and heel. 
Wil and I shall be visiting the shop on our afternoon walk later
Tomorrow evening is Crossroads Youth Service and I’m super excited to
see Sherri and her son and daughter. So this afternoon I’m baking some treats
for the snack as well as Pumpernickel Loaves and a pie shell in
readiness for Monday’s Day Camp Committee meeting.
Unless the modem arrives really soon, this post may not appear until
Monday since I have no way of publishing it, let alone figuring out how to
upload the photos!!!!
Well, best head off and do some baking preparation.

But first we need a recipe:-

I decided share the marmalade recipe since it proved way easier than others I’ve tried and has turned out perfectly. if you can get hold of Meyer Lemons then I heartily recommend it!

4 Meyer Lemons

1 large lime
5 cups sugar
5 cups water
several sterilised jars

Wash the lemons and lime and slice very thinly, reserving all pips. Tie the pips in a piece of muslin. Place the fruit and pips in a large glass bowl and add the water. Cover and leave overnight.
Next day place the fruit mixture in a non-reactive pot and boil for 1 hour or until the peel is really soft. too can as up to 1 more cup of water is a lot evaporates. Once the fruit is soft, stir in the sugar and bring back to the boil. boil for 20 minutes, stirring often.
Remove from the heat and pour into prepared jars.Wipe down the rims them Attach lids and screw down. Leave to cool, when you hear the lids “pop” you know they are sealed.!
Makes 1 litre.