is sometimes my habit, this post is actually being started on Friday, in order
to ensure it will get posted tomorrow, let me hasten to explain…

   Unlike my usual snapshot of a week in the
world of Day Camps, today I need to write a short tribute and thank the Lord
for the life of a very special person, Vina Sweetman.
was one of the early Directors of Crosstalk Ministries Day Camps and it was
through her connection with the Ministry that my family first became involved.
     Latterly Vina was the Director of the
Isaiah 40 Foundation and thus is widely known across Canada and beyond for her
work under that umbrella.
     Readers of this blog will know that, when
St. Matthew’s Church closed, CTM was given space at Isaiah 40 for our Supply
Room, and of course we also use the building for the Day Camp Team Retreat, the
SYC Staff PreCamp and for many gatherings and events.
   But for me, Vina, and her family go back way
way further to the time when my parents first joined St. Matthew’s Church over
40 years ago. Vina knew me as a little girl and I grew up knowing all the
Sweetmans as fellow parishioners, involved in every aspect of our church life.
When Day Camps started it was natural that Vina would ask my Mum to
billet some of the Team Members who came from the UK and beyond and soon my family
was hooked!
    Vina was like that. She led by example,
throwing herself wholeheartedly into each new endeavour.
    If not for this amazing lady, it is highly
improbable that I would be the current Day Camp Director. She was a mentor,
role model, surrogate “auntie”, friend and confidant.
     She touched many many lives and tomorrow
upwards of 1000 people are expected to attend her funeral.
    When her daughter, Stella, phoned me on
Wednesday and asked if I would organize the Funeral reception I did not
hesitate to reply “yes”. Stella totally knows my character and where else would
I rather be than in the kitchen? I do not deal well with large crowds but I’m
pretty familiar with working coffee urns!!
    The food has been ordered, the Huyers, who
will be staying with me in to attend the funeral, will help me transport it to
the church early tomorrow morning and when I stop typing now I need to head to
a grocery store to by a LOT of coffee, tea, milk and sugar.
has been a sad week but all of us who are affected by Vina’s death have the
huge consolation of knowing, unshakeably, that she is now with the Lord.

will be sorely missed, but there so many great memories and I thank God for
giving me the privilege of knowing such a lovely lady.