Well November is already here!
evening we will be holding the Day Camps Fall Coffeehouse. Jessica and Mikaela
have been working hard pulling together this event so I’m really hoping it will
go smoothly. I’m not sure who is taking “official” photos so may not get them
in time to include with this post, in which case do check in during the coming
week as they will be published at some point soon
Of course a portion of the week has been
spent prepping stuff connected with the Coffeehouse but I was also able to
complete editing the intro pages of the 2018 Manual, the only part now
missing in the Creative Connection Chapter is the title for the Liturgical
Dance. I’m torn between a couple of options, more on this when the final selection
has been made!
Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting over
lunch with Brett Cane, former President of CTM, INVENTOR OF DAY CAMPS!!,
friend, mentor etc.! Brett was passing through Montreal for a couple of days,
as he does two or three times a year, his home base now being in Victoria
BC.  It was great to catch up and share
news as he is a mine of information about CTM alumnae and remains very
interested in all things “Day Camps” so we always have plenty to talk about!
Wednesday I also had a lunch visitor, this
time Sarah who, up until recently, was a member of the Day Camp Committee and
is still happily a close neighbour. Sarah will be contributing some baking to
the Coffeehouse refreshments table
The weather has been pretty yucky so I’m
very behind in garden work. It is sunny this morning but super-cold so I did
get some raking done right after breakfast.
Unexpectedly, Victoria with her two older
boys arrived last evening to stay for the weekend! She had originally
planned to come alone for the AGM at Isaiah 40, as she is a board
member there but the boys came with her on the train as “stowaways”!! Once Victoria gets home from the meeting she has planned some family activities planned and an early dinner with friends after which they will re-join me at the
Right now we have just returned form a long walk with Wil and the boys are busy playing Lego
around me as I write but
soon lunch will need to be prepared as small boys are notorious for having constantly
empty tummies
On rainy afternoons this week  I’ve been able to
almost complete my Christmas sewing projects. Following the demise of my (second-hand!)
iron I was able to borrow one from Isaiah 40, which has been a huge help in
getting things finished.
Well I think I’ll just go ahead and publish
this post now and put up an extra one in the next few days exclusively to
showcase the Coffeehouse, so remember to check in again
Before lunch prep begins we still need
a recipe. 
Yesterday, after a long cold afternoon of raking, Rösti seemed like a
good idea for supper, so here’s the recipe
6 cups potatoes, well washed and grated

3 Tbsps. butter
1 tsp. sea salt
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar
Melt the butter over medium heat in a large
frying pan. Add the potatoes and salt and press them down firmly. Cook without
stirring for 15 minutes or until well browned on the bottom. Loosen the potato
cake and carefully flip it in the pan (or turn it onto a plate and slide it
back into the pan).
Cook for another 10 minutes, then sprinkle
the shredded cheese over the top and cook until melted.
Remove from the heat and cut into wedges to

Serves 2-4