Postcards from Week 2
Welcome to Episode Two in our Summer Day
Camps “Postcards” Series…enjoy! Once again, I would suggest you check back during the week, more photos will be added as the Teams send them in 😊
Team 1-

This week Team 1, under the able leadership
of Janice, spent the week at CFB St. Jean sur Richelieu, about 45 minutes south
of Montreal. We have been invited to the base for the past few years as
(ex-officio) committee member; Anna and her husband (Padre) Charles, with their
two boys   (Nathanael and Elijah) are
stationed there.
This Camp is different, and thus a bit of
an extra challenge, as it is both a half-day Camp and is also fully bilingual.
Janice (with Anna’s support) worked super hard both leading the program and
empowering the Team to meet this double challenge (think 8am Team meetings each
J). There were 14 Campers (their
biggest turnout ever!!), mostly in the younger age groups and, according to
the children seemed to have a
great time (Nathanael did not want it to end)”. 
Team 2-
Chelsea and Kelvin
were also on an Armed Forces Base this week, at CFB Borden, just north of Toronto.
This was the first Base where we were invited to lead our Program as Charles
and Anna were first stationed there. Since Anna is Travelling Team alum she has
been instrumental in promoting the Program wherever they go!
The Week ran smoothly
for Team 2 and they even enjoyed having the Base fire Truck visit Day Camp for
Water Day!!!
Team 3-

Happily Christopher,
Mercy Jade and Miriam, had more than 3 Campers this week! I think they topped
out at over 20 a couple of days, averaging in the “teens” for this week, which
took place at an Anglican/Lutheran Church in the small town of Meadow Lake.
This is our second year there and the Camp draws a mixture of “town” campers
and those from a nearby First Nation. Their Closing Gathering took place
yesterday as they are leaving today on a 5-hour drive to James Smith Reserve,
which will be their Week 3 location.
Team 4-
Team 4 is also moving
on today after a VERY busy week at St. Luke’s Regina, where they had a large
Day Camp with 47 campers, including over 20 Scramblers, the youngest and most
exhausting group of 4&5 year olds
Joshua sounded pretty
tired when we spoke last evening as he and Lauren were cleaning up and getting
ready for the move to Fort Qu’Appelle. Although the week was pretty wild at
times, Joshua reported that his group of older Campers had really responded to
the stories and he had enjoyed some “deep” discussions as he mentored them.
Lauren came to us from the York Region or Toronto and although she has no
previous experience with our Program she has done a fine job jumping in 100%.
They make a great 2-person Team!! Both Kelvin (from Team2) and Joshua each
celebrated their birthdays this past week and the host communities made sure to
provide special treats
Team 5-

My heart sank on
Monday morning when Emmanuel called for the second week in a row to report that
at 10am there were “no Campers!!”. However as proved the case last time, by
Tuesday they had a gymnasium filled with close to 30 excited campers and even
though numbers were down on Friday most of the parents even came to the Closing
Gathering, which was such a Blessing for everyone. For weeks 1-3 they are all
billeted with Rev. Vicki, who Pastors 3 First Nation Reserves so they do not
have to ‘move” their personal possessions, only all the Program supplies. After
warning us for several years that his would b her “last summer” I think Rev.
Vicki does really plan to retire after this year. We will miss her incredible
support SO MUCH and are praying that our ministry to these three communities
will continue under a new Pastor.
Team 6-
Annie and Donna have
enjoyed a second week in the Calgary area, this time at Faith Lutheran Church.
This is a “first time” community but they warmly embraced both the Team and the
Program and the week has gone vey smoothly with approx. 25 Campers and plenty
of keen helpers on hand! The Team is preparing for a Sunday Closing tomorrow
after which they will be driven on to Edmonton for their third Day Camp.
Team 7-
Like Team 1, Team 7
had an “early start” Camp this week, quite the challenge for their
“non-morning” Leader, Brian. This was another new to us Church although Rev.
Stephanie had experience of our Program in a couple of previous Parishes, where
she had been an assistant Priest. Sadly, she was not able to be very involved
this week due to a family tragedy however there was a super coordinator who
worked hard to keep things running smoothly. This Team includes two of our
youngest 2015 members, Maynard and KC, and I think they had a struggle meeting
the expectations of some of the helpers, who were retired teachers. Brian and I
spoke a number of times during the week and I truly pray that the final
analysis will prove the Camp to have been a positive experience for this
And there you have it,
Week 2 is almost “a wrap” and the seven Teams are now at the midpoint of their
missions. Please pray that their energy levels and enthusiasm can remain high
as they gear up for Week 3.
Back here at home base
there have been many many phone calls, texts and emails. It is such a privilege
to connect with the Teams on an almost daily basis. I have no regrets about
putting home life pretty much on hold over these weeks as this short “season”
sharing the joys and struggles of the Teams is really the culmination of our
Day Camp year, and this opportunity to see the fruits of our labours is truly
such a blessing.

So just to say that
apart from a bit of gardening, some knitting and a start on this year’s  
“Chicken Awards” there
really hasn’t been time for much else!
The weather has improved a bit and
mercifully the two-week “construction holiday” has begun so I am temporarily
free from the noise of the major renovations happening next door. After losing
the phone line two weeks ago and having a hole punched through into my basement
last week, I am very thankful for this space of relative peace and was able
this morning to clean the brick dust off my living room windows and touch-up
some of the paintwork that had been damaged.
Before I head off to get dinner ready, I’ll
just end off with a recipe
Last evening I made some open-faced
sandwiches, which are hearty enough for dinner…
Tomato and Feta on Rye

1 dark rye baguette
2 heirloom tomatoes
6oz. Feta
1 small sweet onion
2 Tbsps. olive oil
2 Tbsps. Balsamic vinegar
¼ tsp. dried basil or a few fresh leaves
salt& pepper
Slice the baguette crosswise and then
lengthwise to form 4 long pieces.
Thinly slice the tomatoes, cheese and
onion. Drizzle the olive oil and vinegar over the bread and top with the cheese,
onion and tomato. Sprinkle with the basil, salt and pepper and drizzle with a little
more oil.

Serves 2.