Welcome to February!
has been a pretty productive week around here. We received two Day Camp Applications
from host communities and have had emails assuring us of several more on the
way. YAY!!
push will soon be on to start recruiting Team Members in earnest. It’s all
very well that a number of young people have indicated they plan to apply but
that’s a far cry from actually holding completed forms in my hands!  In recent years we have also had to move back
the date by which we need to submit documents to the Montreal Police Department
for screening of Team Members. New Members must come to the office and fill
out these forms and that really needs to happen by the end of March so time is
running out already. Oh My! That seems crazy as I sit here looking out at a
very wintery landscape, but summer will (eventually!) come. 😊
This week I’ve also FINALLY decided upon a
song for the2018 Day Camps Liturgical Dance. Some years  a piece has sort of
fallen into my lap months before it was needed and I thought this year would be
a breeze as I drenched myself in Advent and Christmas music but nothing seemed
to be exactly right. Several helpful friends sent me links to tracks, all of
which I dutifully listened to but none really spoke to me.
Then I found an Advent EP by “TheBrilliance” and had an “AHA” moment when “Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming” was
played. So the choice has been made, the album purchased (you can listen to the song on iTunes, I can’t find it on YouTube, sorry) and now choreography is
swirling around in my head while I do more prosaic things like kneading bread
😊 The goal is to have the piece
completed next week, one more small item checked off a VERY long Day Camps to-do
Yesterday Jillian came for lunch!  She and Victor have been back from their
honeymoon for the past week so it was lovely to reconnect with her and hear
about newlywed adventures! We are going to try to do lunch every Friday while
they are living just a couple of blocks away. During the summer they will
likely move to another area of the city, but it is so nice being neighbours for
the present!
So as you guessed, today is a Bake &
Blog Saturday. 
Sue gave me some sourdough starter so I’m
trying yet another recipe. There have been some successes and failures around
here with sourdough; maybe this “boule” will be a triumph. I’m also baking
hazelnut chocolate cookies from the Avoca Café cookbook, given to me a couple
of years ago by an itinerant Irish theologian who boarded with us for a while
at the request of our then Bishop. It is a lovely cookbook and the cookies
sound super nice, who can go wrong with chocolate and hazelnuts?
Amazingly, apart from household matters
there are not many other obligations this weekend, although some final planning for the
Sunday Gathering of The Pod also needs to happen later this afternoon.
Next week I shall be adding to my various
“extra” jobs the task of going daily to feed the two cats of my friend Linda.
She and her husband are travelling to China for three weeks so those kitties
will be pretty lonely. Linda suggested I might take my laptop over to her house
a few times and work from there to keep them company and since they are both on
friendly terms with Wil this might prove an option.
The boule has just gone in the oven so in
45 minutes I’ll know if it gets added to the success or failure list and once
it is on the cooling rack Wil and I shall head out for the afternoon
perambulation. Although currently quite sunny it is bitterly cold  with
snow predicted overnight so I’ve placed the shovel “on alert” in the front
Before we head out it’s time for a recipe.
I think the Avoca Café cookies would be a good choice. However, as I discovered
to my cost THEY SPREAD in the oven, so make sure to use a baking sheet with a
rim and be prepared to have to cut them apart once they have baked!
This is an Irish recipe so some of the
ingredients are by weight, you will need a kitchen scale.
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuits- Avoca Café

11oz. butter
5-½ oz. sugar
1 lb.4oz. All-purpose flour
¼ tsp. baking soda
6oz. finely ground hazelnuts
1 lb. chocolate chips
Place the butter and sugar in the bowl of a
food processor and blend until fluffy. Add the flour, soda and nuts and blend
until combined. Add the chocolate chips and pulse a few times.
Remove to a bowl, cover and refrigerate
several hours.
Roll out ¼ thick and cut into large circles
(4″-5”) or cur smaller with a regular round cutter.
Transfer to parchment-lined baking sheets
and bake at 325º in a preheated oven. 25 minutes for the very large cookies, 15
minutes if smaller.
Makes one dozen large or two dozen small
cookies- oops “biscuits”!

Ps –The Boule was a SUCCESS!!!!